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Panama Accomodations

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Panama Accomodation Package

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  • $199 Vacation Rental
  • $399 RIU Hotel room
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Accomodation Deals in Panama

There are really two things about a vacation spot that will have a lasting, initial impression on you – food and accommodations. The food in a country like Panama is guaranteed to leave you clambering for more, but it's the accommodations that can be a little tricky. No matter how beautiful and serene a country is, there are always parts of it that are best avoided; and it is these parts that you want to avoid, no matter how cheap room and board winds up being. For the best options for your stay, you will want to turn to the services of VIP in Panama, Panama's premier VIP reservations expert. With their help, you may find yourself shocked as to the lavished establishments that you can actually afford. From penthouses to villas to standard (albeit comfortable) hotel rooms, Panama and VIP in Panama are well equipped to provide you with premium luxury and comfort.

One of the more popular options in this water-side escape is a beachfront villa. Perfect for larger parties or those intimate affairs, a beachfront villa will combine the comfort of a five-star hotel with the convenience of being home. Equipped with amenities like a private pool, a spacious property, and an in-house kitchen for those nights when going out just isn't hitting the spot. The best part of all of this is the fact that the beach is no more than a few hundred feet away. Relax on your own private patio as the soothing sounds of crashing waves remind you time and time again that you're on vacation; or take the party to the beach and enjoy a little dip in the warm water.

The best part about staying in a Panama hotel is that, more often then not, you're in range of some of the best active spots in the country. Much like in the American city of Las Vegas, many new Panama hotels are equipped with their very own casino, ensuring that you're never more than 5 minutes away from entertainment. Located along the bay or Panama Canal, most hotels offer water-view rooms, creating a picturesque view to lounge by during your stay. On-site nightclubs guarantee that you'll get a taste of the local music on a nightly basis and you'll always have a place to escape to when you're just looking to be in the company of good people. You'll find recognizable names like the Meridian and Marriot, but there are also some local 5-star hotels, such as the Venetor and Acropolis, that can deliver just as well as the big named establishments.

Of course, high rollers can look to rent out a penthouse suit for the duration of their vacation. It's kind of a general rule that, no matter where you are, a penthouse suite is the pinnacle of hotel rooms, and Panama is no exception to this. Offering a spacious interior and multi-bedroom / bathroom layout, penthouse suites provide the perfect getaway for those that have a little extra money to burn. On top of high end amenities, the penthouse will give a first rate view of the surrounding area, making it somewhat impossible to even want to pry yourself out of the room.

Your stay in Panama is nothing without 5-star accommodations, so make sure you don't skimp on the room for the term of your vacation. If you need help finding the best deals and ideal locations, the crew at VIP in Panama will be able to hook you up with a luxurious room right in the heart of all the action.