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Panama Corporate Event Planning

If you’ve ever been on the planning end of a large event, you know the ups and downs that come with the process. When you’re dealing with a small gathering, you’re not met with the same level of nuisances that hinder the planning of events such as large corporate gatherings. If you’re in need of a Panama-based company with the willpower and connections needed to get the planning process underway, you can take solace in knowing that VIPnPanama is on your side. The staff at this prolific reservation website is eager to please; and with its prowess for finding the best deals, “please” is exactly what they do.

Transportation and Limo Service


One of the hardest things to arrange for during events where most of the guests are coming from out of town is transportation. You will most likely be dealing with people of influence within your company, so you’ll want to do whatever you can to shine. Making sure these in-coming travelers have a ride to and from the airport to their hotel and to the event itself is one means of standing out; and VIPnPanama on your side is a surefire easy one.

VIPnPanama’s staff will arrange for personal transportation for each of your VIP guests, ensuring that a finely dressed driver will be awaiting their arrival – name sign and all. From stretch limousines to comfortable town cars, your out-of-town guests will ride to their destination in style, guaranteeing that they start the event off in only the best of moods.

For the duration of the event, your guests will also be treated to transportation to and from the venue. With the money they save on cab fare and public transportation fees, they may even look to give a raise to the wise gentleman that made their trip so streamlined – or, at least you can hope they would.

Transportation and Limo Service



Anybody coming from out of town will be in need of a place to stay, and VIPnPanama will be able to deliver far more then a broken down motel room. From penthouse suites to blocks of rooms in some of the most notable hotels in the city, these corporate big wigs will find themselves with no choice but to throw a promotion your way!

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Golf Courses


Getting in some exercise may not be a bad idea after a long night of debauchery. However don’t fear, we are not inferring you hit the links with a 7am tee-time rather setup a round robin tournament with the boys in the later afternoon for a back 9 of drinking, mingling and relaxing. VIPinPanama has setup the ultimate Golf Out-ting which includes Transportation, A hosted Tournament, Top of the line Rentals, Private Cabana and Catered Food & Drink.

Golf Courses



Another peril of event planning is deciding where to hold it. From hotel ball rooms to convention centers to catering halls, locations on where to house the event can be quite plentiful. With hotels, you have the added perk of being able to house attendees in the same location. Convention centers, though, provide for the space and layout needed if the point of the event is to showcase new product. You’ll also typically find a better-equipped staff at a convention center, as their whole day revolves around the planning and implementation of different events.

No matter what type of event space you need, VIPnPanama will ensure you have the accommodations needed to pull off your corporate gathering.

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They say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but really, that applies to most walks of life. So, it should stand to reason that the quickest way to catch the attention of those corporate big wigs is to give them a spread of food like they’ve never seen before. Though everyone’s mind will be sidetracked by the business portion of the gathering, at some point their thoughts will wander to food. You can be their savior with the help of VIPnPanama, who will work with local vendors to ensure that the food is not only plentiful, but also quality product.

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Entertainment and Nightlife


No corporate event runs 24/7, meaning that the in-bound guests will have spare time to wind down. In a place like the Central American country of Panama, there are plenty of activities that not only provide entertainment, but act as the perfect team builders. Whether it’s a chartered fishing boat off the coast, a tour of the Panama Canal, or an excursion through the country’s gorgeous landscape, VIPnPanama can set up the ideal arrangement of entertaining options.

If you can get a feel for the individuals you’ll be catering to, you may even be able to set up some exciting nights in the city’s most prolific nightclubs. For those low-key people, though, you can count on golf outings within the fresh tropical air of Panama.

It’s time to throw away any “event planning guide” you’ve received in training and turn a bothersome process into one simple phone call to VIPnPanama.

Entertainment and Nightlife