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Penthouses in Panama

panama penthouse

Picture it: from your high-leveled window, you're staring down at the busy city in Panama. In the distance you catch a glimpse of nature, a stretch of forest threatened to be set ablaze by the orange glow of the setting sun. Behind you, a party booms to life as the individuals you traveled with decided that the coming night is the perfect occasion to celebrate. Never in a million years did you think you would be staying within a penthouse suite within the exotic country of Panama, and to your welcomed surprise, all it took was one simply phone call to the online VIP service, VIP in Panama.

Working closely with many of the local, big name hotels, VIP in Panama has its own private reserve of penthouse suites just begging to be inhabited by a group of roaming partier. Whether you've traveled to the exotic lands of Panama in search of the perfect setting for your bachelor / bachelorette party or just wanted to get away from the busyness of life with a few friends, a penthouse suite is the perfect backdrop to your vacation.

Where most vacation rentals will keep you close to the ground, sometimes separated from the continuous partying within the city, a penthouse suite puts you smack dab in the middle of the action. With suites located just mere minutes from any of Panama's entertainment districts, your penthouse suite is also your ticket to a vacation filled with endless partying and memorable good times.

Beyond just the perfect location, your penthouse suite will provide multiple bedrooms to ensure each and every single one of your fellow travelers has a place to call home at the end of the night. Each room is equipped and outfitted with the highest end furnishings and are unrivaled by any other hotel room within Panama. With multiple bedrooms also comes multiple bathrooms, and while you don't necessarily want to spend much of your vacation in the bathroom, each intricately decorated washroom is as inviting as the suite's main bedrooms.

Space within your penthouse is not an issue you'll need to think about. For a modest sized group of travelers, any penthouse suite can be the perfect venue for an evening of partying. Invite up a few of the gorgeous local ladies and you can find yourself partying several stories high. You'll have enough space to throw the party of your lifetime without feeling too crowded by an overabundance of guests – so long as you keep mindful of how many gorgeous women you invite up.

One of a penthouse suite's best features is how it towers over the city. Where in most hotels you'd be treated to a ground-level view of passing cars, fellow travelers, and other walks of life within the big city, the skyline penthouse will put you above the action, providing you with unrivaled views that will attract any level of photographer. Beyond the city, Panama is a gorgeous piece of land, providing lush, green forests and perfectly formed beaches. On a good day and with the right location, you should have no problem getting a bird's eye view of these touches of mother nature.

When you travel to Panama with your group of friends, you can deal with the nuances of reserving multiple rooms, which can typically be more of a headache when you try to get rooms bordering one another.; or you can simply pick up the phone and call VIP in Panama. The crew at the reservations expert will flip through their private reserve of penthouse suites until they land on the perfect location for your needs. Panama may be a country that's best experienced up close, but that doesn't mean a little distance between you and the exotic ground would be a bad thing. Think about it – how many people can say they partied 20 stories above the city's of Panama?