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Cartagena VIP Services

Whenever you travel somewhere new, you want to have somebody there on your side to make sure you’re getting the most out of your vacation and your money. This rings especially true in a different country, where you probably already feel completely out of place and lost. In most cities, you’re on your own to rely mostly on your own gut instincts and the occasional friendly native. In a place like Cartagena, Columbia, you have the entire crew of VIP travel experts from VIP in Panama backing your every move, ensuring that you’re not wasting money and still getting the most out of your trip. VIP services in Cartagena can extend pretty far and get you through your entire vacation, whether it be leisure or party driven, without a hitch.

cartagena vip service

Getting the VIP treatment in a place like Cartagena is going to mean you get some pretty priceless perks. Book your entire trip through VIP in Panama, and you’re going to see the benefits the moment you step off the plane at your destination. Where you’d normally be forced to hail a cab, your VIP treatment will give you the luxury of airport pick up and drop off. Long gone are the days of wasting money on overpriced cab fair and here are the days of being able to pile into a town car or stretch limo and simply enjoy the right with no worries.

Your VIP treatment doesn’t just start with a car ride, either. It extends to ensuring you have the accommodations you need for your stay. Multi-roomed villas and mansions and exquisite penthouses simply await your arrival, beckoning all with their comfortable ambiance and unrivaled views of the coast. Your accommodations will simply reek of VIP status.

When it’s time to head out again, VIP in Panama can have it arranged that another car come and retrieve you, only to drop you off at whatever destination that you choose within the city limits. Seeing as how you have been traveling all day, the night time has fallen, leaving you with the perfect opportunity to throw on those dancing shoes, hop back inside your VIP ride, and head to one of Cartagena’s acclaimed night and dance clubs.

At clubs like La Movida, Media Luna Bar, El Balcon, and Mister Babilla, not only will you get a taste of how Colombian’s party, but you’ll be a VIP when you do so. Step inside one of these locales and more with VIP in Panama on your side, and you’ll be treated like the VIP that you are. Avoid the line, free bottles of liquor, premium table seating - it’s all waiting for you. Turn heads as you walk in, just for being a VIP.

You may not be familiar with Cartagena when you first arrive, but spend a little time as a VIP in this exotic city, and there’s no telling what you will know by the time you leave.