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Catamaran Yacht Rental
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Catamaran Yacht Rental


Boat & Lenght :Catamaran Fountain Pajot 56"
Focus :pleasure , events , sailing , light fishing
Max Capacity : 16
Accomodations :4 room , 4 bathrooms , fully equiped kitchen with BBQ , wide open spaces
Includes :Doc fees , crew , gas, water , ice ,soft drinks


The name may not be familiar to you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least man up and find out what it’s like to sail aboard a catamaran yacht. What’s the difference between a catamaran and regular yacht, you ask? It’s simple – one is powered by electricity while the other is a sail-based vessel. You may remember a catamaran styled boat in Jaws 2 – it’s the one that looks kind of like two canoes tied together. Well, picture that, just far more extravagant and elegant.

Aboard your catamaran yacht, you’ll get that real rustic feel as your experience will be devoid of the obnoxious noise of a running motor. Let the wind take you and your small party on a tour of the vast waters bordering the tropical country of Panama. Revel in what it feels like to be a real sailor as your experience is fueled by no more than a gust of air and the spreading of a sail.


Kick back and enjoy a beverage of choice, storable in an on board refrigerator, as the tropical sun kisses your skin to a light red. There’s no truer way to experience the coastal waters of Panama than by lying out aboard the catamaran’s deck as the rock of the waves nearly lull you to sleep.


Aboard your gorgeous vessel, you’ll party in the fresh air and get a clear taste of nature. It may not have the power of a regular yacht, but the catamaran-styled vessel is as much a contender as any. You’ll get the same great amenities – a luxurious interior with comfortable seating – but you won’t have the roar of an engine hindering your experience and ability to converse any.

For details on renting your catamaran yacht, call VIP in Panama today!

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