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Ocean Pro Yacht Rental

ocean pro

Boat & Lenght :Ocean ProLine Super Sport 27’
Focus :10
Max Capacity : 18
Accomodations :Profecional fishing equipment, BBQ , sound system
Includes :Doc fees , crew , gas, water , ice ,soft drinks

ocean pro

Sometimes it’s difficult to entertain a larger group of people. Everyone has their own idea of fun, and not everything can accommodate more than just a handful of participants. There is one thing you can count on during your trip to Panama, and that’s even if your party is as large as 5 to 7 people, you’ll have plenty of options. With the 27` Ocean Pro yacht, you and your guests will be able to party comfortably in a setting that you may never have thought possible.

Aboard the Ocean Pro yacht, you’ll cruise Panama’s coastal waters and find yourself engrossed in the cool breeze and comforting sunlight. Around you, your party will thrive with the numerous amenities that this luxury liner has to offer. Of course, there’s the deck, where the bulk of your party will take place. Mingle with your closest compadres as you sight see the crisp blue waters. Don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse at some of the tropics’ most majestic life. In fact, you’re best suited to bring a camera.

ocean pro

Beneath the Ocean Pro’s deck is where you’ll find the fuel that keeps the party going. The living quarters are everything and more than you could expect aboard a boat. From numerous comfortable and cozy places to sit to a full sized kitchen, prepped and ready to bring a slew of hors d’oeuvres and other delectable treats to your ocean escape. An onboard refrigerator ensures that anything you bring stays fresh. Enjoy your intimate engagement on the interior of this 27’ liner before escaping to the warming Caribbean sun.

Want to have the ultimate party experience? Without a doubt, the 27’ Ocean Pro yacht is your ticket to a luxurious, ocean-fairing time. Leave the worries of the world behind you as Panama slowly fades into the distance and the music on your yacht slowly creeps up.

For a chance at the 27’ Ocean Pro experience, give VIP in Panama a call today!

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