Panama Canal Yacht Tour
Panama Canal Yacht Tour
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Panama Canal Yacht Tour

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Panama Canal Yacht Tour

You’ve toured the many water features of the United States, but always found yourself disappointed by the lack of any really magnificent surroundings. The Mississippi River and the Great Lakes may be sights to behold in-and-of themselves, but there’s really nothing to see around these notable locales. If you’re looking for a real tour that not only provides ample entertainment amidst calm water but also gives you plenty to look at, than you’ll want to travel south. Not to Florida or Louisiana or Texas, though; further south to a Central American country known for its robust entertainment and gorgeous sights. Panama has slowly climbed up the ranks of great party cities and has recently found itself in line with such cities as Las Vegas, thus making it the perfect city to escape to; and where better to experience a gorgeous waterway than a location with its own massive canal.

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Many people travel down to Panama and wind up setting sail in the stagnant blue waters of the Atlantic, but really, doesn’t that seem like kind of a waste? You travel all this way only to sail as far away from your destination as possible? Why not change things up and, instead of chartering some mid-ocean fishing tour, you take your desire to be water born, rent a yacht, and tour the massive straight known as the Panama Canal. Let adventure take you away as you enjoy the fine amenities of your rented yacht – which can be an impressive 70 to 100’ – and take in the beautiful sights surrounding Panama’s massive waterway.

The best part about your yacht rental is the sheer level of privacy you will receive. Only those that you invite along will be accompanying you on your exciting trip down the Panama Canal. Be sure to bring a camera, because the views are breathtaking. You’ll see some of Panama’s most hidden beauties as well as get a first-rate view of the city as you sail down this calm waterway.

When some people think of the word “yacht”, they picture this stuffy vessel equipped solely with the means of playing boring card games and sipping on overpriced wine; but the yacht’s offered in Panama are luxury vessels fit for a party. Every inch of your private boat will be decked out in the highest end amenities, from an impeccable surround sound system to high end furniture that help to take a load off if you start to feel the wear and tear of the day.

Panama canal Tour

With your Panama Canal yacht tour, you’ll get to see every inch of this majestic waterway all the while divulging in a range of on-board entertainment. Relax as the wind whips through your hair and you find out what it’s really like to live the lavished lifestyle. Amidst your cruise along the canal, you’ll also find yourself immersed in many years of Panamanian history – something not every chartered yacht tour can give you.

So don’t waste your time and money sailing off into the deep blue sea, where there’s nothing to see save for water, other boats, and the potential ocean life. Take to the Panama Canal aboard a massive luxury yacht, where you can experience the truest form of Panama’s entertainment while living like a king on the water. No matter your party size, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be a vessel to accommodate. From smaller catamaran’s to the much larger mega yachts, your options are vast.

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